Pharmacy Linguist

Experienced Linguist with Industry Expertise
Translation of Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical, Regulatory Documents

AvePri is a service provider for language translations in pharmaceutical industry and related areas. It provides consultations to establish the need for translations, manages translation projects in coordination with language and clinical professionals, and performs quality assurance and testing of final documents. Translations can be required for regulatory, marketting, educational and internal purposes and need to be of high quality and precise in regards to style, terminology, scientific language, legal aspects and readability.

I have a long experience as an English-Latvian translator. My native language is Latvian and I grew up in Latvia and currently live in the United Kingdom. My translation career started in-house at The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust in Korsnäs Gård, Sweden, where I worked together with many experienced translators. They taught me the professional skills of proofreading, editing and translation. I also learned a lot about typography and different software. In 2000 I decided to become a freelance translator and worked with many translation agencies of varying size as well as with direct client.

I went back to university to obtain a master's degree in pharmacy that includes pharmacology and pharmacy practice and my focus is now on the provision of pharmaceutical translations. I believe that a thorough professional knowledge is indispensible for translations that not only meet the requirements of the client but also facilitate communication with the target audience.

Taking oath as a pharmacist
Here I am giving a pharmacist oath at the Annual Conference of the International Pharmaceutical Federation.

I provide translation and editing/proofreading services from English into Latvian. My CV is available upon request. My usual hours when I respond to inquiries are from 9:00 to 17:00 (GMT), Mondays to Fridays.

Precise scientific and informative translations for pharmaceutical regulatory needs

Complete dossier for investigational new drug application and new drug application submission

Full clinical trial documentation, labeling, laboratory testing, pharmacovigilance, diagnostics, policy documents

Readability improvements for better communication to patients, increasing awareness and adherance to therapy

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